Obama Shouts Out To ‘Crying Jordan’ Meme In Front Of Crying Michael Jordan

In the grand pantheon of memes, Crying Jordan is absolutely one of the hall of famers. Unlike Harambe, which crossed a threshold and became immediately awfully unfunny, Crying Jordan – in which Michael Jordan‘s weeping, tear-soaked face is photoshopped over literally anything which has suffered great misfortune.

Well folks, Jordan – after several years of being tormented with this pic – is now free. He was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama today. Obama said he was “more than just a meme” while shouting out the basketballer, who was weeping. 
“This is a particularly impressive class,” Obama said. “We’ve got innovators and artists, public servants, rabble rousers, athletes, renowned character actors, like the guy from Space Jam.”
Yes. Crying Jordan has been liberated. Or wait… has he?

My God.
Source: CNN.
Photo: CNN.