O Captain Your Captain – Bill Hader To Join “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for Bill Hader.

The former SNL MVP, master impressionist, comedic powerhouse, (my actual freaking idol), and serial bit-part player in most of your favourite funny movies from the past 6 years or so has finally stepped into the shoes of the leading man with films like Trainwreck, Inside Out, or The Skeleton Twins (2014, I know).
And now a quick trip to the NYPD appears to be the next cab off the rank.
Hader will be joining the cast of the riotously funny Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the embattled precinct’s new captain.
The conclusion of the show’s second season saw the Nine-Nine’s incumbent Captain Raymond Holt summarily shipped off to the department’s Public Relations unit after being bested by his mortal nemesis Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch. The last shot of the series featured a cliffhanger where the precinct gathered to greet the replacement Captain as they stepped off the elevator.
It’s been revealed now that that Captain will be played by Hader.
Very little detail about Hader’s character was revealed alongside his confirmation, other than the fact he’ll be “efficient” – from that it’s not a huge step to speculate that the character will be a hand-picked Wuntch-approved type. Fox is also keeping the amount of episodes that Hader will appear in well under wraps.
But fear not, loyal fans! Hader’s addition to the show is merely temporary. Andre Braugher‘s Ray Holt – and more importantly Chelsea Peretti‘s glorious foreverchild Gina – are going absolutely nowhere.
Show co-creator Dan Goor told The Hollywood Reporter exactly as much back in May.

“If we got rid of them, Fox would have the right to call the police, handcuff us, and throw us off of cliffs. They are critical, wonderful castmembers who are incredibly funny. They are still regulars and we will be following them. The idea behind Gina going with Holt was to make it as clear as possible that Holt was not leaving the show, but they will be leaving the Nine-Nine for the beginning of the season. You’ll see a new captain of the Nine-Nine and you’ll see Holt and Gina in their new jobs.”

So the show’s two best characters aren’t really leaving, and we get things shaken up for a while at the start of season three with BILL FREAKING HADER and Wuntch wreaking havoc over the Nine-Nine.

That, as far as anyone should be concerned, is a win/win/win.
Because that makes it all the more glorious when the status quo is returned, and once again…

The third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on September 28th Australian time.
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images.
via Uproxx.