NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Roasted Donald Trump Immediately After Meeting Him

New Zealand’s newly installed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is… well, good. She’s very good. We love her and we have some serious Prime Minister-related envy.

And despite the fact that her life has gone from “painting the front fence in a flanny and track pants” to “negotiating directly with fellow world leaders” inside three months, she seems to be adjusting to things pretty sweetly.

Case in point, Ardern, visited Vietnam for the recent APEC conference, where the NZ PM met fellow global Presidents and Prime Ministers and such for the first time.

Among those, Ardern came face-to-face with US President Donald Trump for the first time, and she was having precisely none of his shit.

After enduring what Ardern described as a “standard handshake,” Trump tried to get one up on the Kiwi Labour leader by snidely commenting to a person standing beside her, “This lady caused a lot of upset in her country,” in reference to her successful election campaign.

After Trump, pleased with himself, repeated the barb, Ardern fired back: “No one marched when I was elected.

The lines were reportedly meant as jokes, and the duo was said to have laughed it all off, but you absolutely know that that shit is eating away at Trump’s brain like termites slowly chewing through a wall.

Jacinda, we love you. Can you pls adopt us, thank you.