NYE Party Organisers Apologise For Botched Event, Aren’t Yet Giving Refunds

We’re one stop closer to finding out if it is too late for organisers of Sydney’s Above The Harbour NYE clusterfuck to say that they’re sorry.

After receiving an absolute bollocking from attendees – and dumbstruck rando’s who couldn’t comprehend how anyone would be forced to pay for this – a Facebook post has cropped up apologising for… well, a lot. 
The post admits the event “required significant financial investment and took over six months in planning”, which is an awfully long time to serve up grub described as “dog food”, and that the caterers who were just trying their darndest to “create a unique food and beverage experience” couldn’t keep up with demand. 

By the way, that demand boiled down to 3,600 attendees apparently being funnelled into 3 (three) food stalls. Responses, thus far, have been obvious.

In response to complaints about non-stop Bieber bangers, the post says that DJ’s spun tunes “catering music to a ranging of adults, seniors and children in attendance.” Because Bieber is now for everyone, all the time, forever. 
The organisers are “processing any complaints and a formal process is in place to address and resolve these issues.” Whether that means full refunds for legions of decidedly pissed punters? Well…

Feel free to read the apology – and the inevitable slew of responses – right here:

Photo: Ryan Pierse / Getty / Facebook.