Seems like if you’re opening up a nude restaurant, you are also opening up yourself to a world of interesting nude bodies. Like, if your whole steez is that you’re telling people to come chow down with their bits out, you have to be prepared to see some shit that maybe you didn’t want to. 

Nude Restaurant Backs Down Over Super Gross Weight And Age Policy

This was not the case with The Amrita, a nude restaurant that is due to open in Tokyo in August, that thought it would be a super good idea to reserve the right to turn away anyone more than 15kg over the average for their height or anyone over 60 years of age.

Because that’s not bad enough, they also planned to keep scales on premises so as to enforce the policy in the most humiliating way possible. Doubling down on the douchiness, customers who had made reservations but were turned away by these gross-ass rules also wouldn’t get a refund for advance bookings.

Nude Restaurant Backs Down Over Super Gross Weight And Age Policy

After copping a lot of understandable heat for this pretty mean policy, they opted to change it – opening their doors to anyone aged between 20 and 120 and of any weight, although weirdly there’s still a ban on tattoos (generally associated with crime, in Japan).

Hilarious side note: diners have to wear paper underwear while in the restaurant, so you’re not actually completely nude.

Source: The Telegraph.