It’s only been out for a mere day, yet it’s fair to say that y’all have gone boonta for Pokémon GO: the real-world Pokémon trainer app wherein you can find and capture Pokemans on your phone just by walking around.

The app arrived yesterday to much fanfare (and an immediate capture of Charmander at Sydney PEDESTRIAN.TV HQ) and since then, social media has been awash with people apparently trying to catch them all in under a day.

Which is all well and good, until you consider the fact that PokeStops within the game are suddenly gonna accumulate a shitload more foot traffic from people staring down intently at their phones. Y’know, more than usual that is.

As a quick refresher, a PokeStop is a designated public place, monument, or landmark where players can collect items such as eggs or extra pokeballs.

Problem is that in the Northern Territory, one of these designated PokeStops is at the Darwin Police Station, for whatever bloody reason.

And apparently they’re already miffed about confused looking nerds stepping inside their building, waving their phones around, doing a little quiet fistpump, and leaving without saying a word.

So, bless ’em, the NT Police is getting ahead of the curve with a post on Facebook reminding everyone that you don’t actually have to step inside the building in order to get your precious eggs.

There you have it, kids. It’s 2016 and the real police are advising the public on correct Pokemon capture technique.

What a time to be alive.

Source: Facebook.