NSW has recorded 112 new COVID-19 cases in the community overnight, making Monday the worst day yet of the current Sydney outbreak.

So far we know 34 of those people were infectious in the community, while another 12 only isolated for part of their infectious period.

“I want to stress the vast majority of these cases are family members or very, very close contacts,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said at a press conference on Monday morning.

“Family or close friends, unfortunately, bear the brunt of those 112 numbers we have seen overnight.

“I want to stress again, as we did yesterday, if you put yourself at risk, you’re putting your entire family, and that means extended family, as well as your closest friends and associates, at risk and the numbers are telling in that regard.”

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant once again noted that cases are rising among young people, which sucks because many of us aren’t even eligible to get vaccinated yet.

“I want to highlight that we are also seeing cases emerge among young adults in the 18 to 20-year-old age group in the Georges River, Bayside and Sutherland local government areas and they are largely spreading it – again, to echo the Premier’s words – to their closest friends and family,” Dr Chant said.

“It is crucial that young adults limit their social interactions at this time and also come forward for testing.”

NSW has also brought in stricter QR code rules.

As of Monday, it’s now mandatory to check in using a QR code at the following kinds of venues: shopping centres, offices, universities, taxis and accommodation, among other places.

Right now, it’s up to Sydneysiders to get tested if showing any symptoms and, if at all possible during this clusterfuck of a rollout, get vaccinated ASAP. Young people in particular are being encouraged to speak to their GP about getting the AstraZeneca jab.

Three new vaccination clinics across Sydney – in Fairfield, the CBD and Macquarie Fields – should be up and running later this month with an expected capacity of 47,000 jabs per week between them.

“Even one dose of vaccine is worthwhile in improving your likelihood of hospitalisation,” Chant added.

“Please, even though the two doses is much more effective, even going forward and booking your first dose is worthwhile.”

Berejiklian gave a grim warning for anyone not taking the rules seriously: “If you get the virus, the next people who will get it will be those you love the most. That is a fact.”

Image: Nine