Well Damn, NSW Has Ended Its 55-Day Streak With A Hotel Quarantine Worker Testing Positive


NSW has unfortunately ended its 55-day streak of no new locally-acquired COVID cases, with reports that a hotel quarantine worker has tested positive.

The individual in question is employed at two quarantine hotels in Sydney, but these have not been named. Close contacts of the person are being sought out for testing,

Stephen Conaty of NSW Health said this morning: “The source of the new infection reported overnight is under investigation and urgent genome sequencing is underway.”

The case will be recorded in the numbers tomorrow for NSW.

The person reportedly received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who received his second dose earlier today, said:

“This is an important point, the [effectiveness of the] vaccination is not immediate. I have had my second dose and it does take a while.”

He added:

“There are no risk-free responses when you deal with COVID-19, it is unrealistic and naive to think so … there are always vulnerabilities.”

NSW and Queensland both ended lengthy runs of no community transmission over the weekend, with reports that a doctor from Brisbane’s PA Hospital tested positive for COVID on Friday.

The hospital has since been placed into a three-day lockdown. Queensland recorded one further case today, however, authorities believe that this case is “likely historic” and not linked to the doctor.

Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor has also gone into lockdown, with two guests there testing positive, and investigations currently underway to determine if any transmission occurred at the hotel.