NSW students will now be allowed to wear uncomfortably high heels and dance to Darude’s Sandstorm on the D-Floor, due to a recent decision to allow Year 12 school formals and graduations to go ahead. Thanks, Gladys.

The decision was made, following immense pressure from students and parents. A lot of this pressure came from a petition and campaign called Change4formals that was led by school captain of Jamison High School, Emily Cox.

The petition and campaign called on NSW to change their regulations, and allow graduations and formals to run in a COVID safe manner.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had previously put a blanket ban on school formals and graduations, but that has now been lifted thanks to the decision made today.

“I want to confirm every school community across the state will be able to have a formal, will be able to have a Year 12 graduation ceremony,” Berejiklian said today.

Students and parents in favour of lifting the ban argued that with students already spending time together in the same classrooms, an event with these same students would be low-risk.

“When students have been in the same classroom for most of the same year that obviously allows for greater considering of one-off events,” Berejiklian added.

The decision is a great achievement for Year 12 students, who have faced a lot of confusion during their final year. Hopefully, a formal/graduation will help these students gain some sense of normalcy, in what has been a very intense and chaotic year for them.