The NSW Govt Is Reportedly Toying With A Plan To Give Punters $100 Vouchers Just To Eat Out

Folks in New South Wales would be handed $100 restaurant vouchers under a proposal from Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, and I am having a really hard time thinking of a more delicious economic stimulus package.

Per The Australian, Perrottet has reportedly floated the idea of handing every household in the state a voucher enabling them to dine out in cafés and restaurants, in an attempt to rev up the local hospitality industry.

While NSW has made great strides in its fight against coronavirus, the lingering economic toll of COVID-19 restrictions, plus the loss of tourism dollars, have been identified as key factors impacting the hospo sector.

Perrottet’s plan would apparently see single-person households handed $50, and multi-person households $100, just to go out and eat. (The vouchers wouldn’t cover booze.)

Now, there’s still a fair way to go before that kind of voucher package becomes a reality in the upcoming state budget. Citing officials clued into the discussions, The Australian says the package has been estimated to cost $500 million, and it’s yet to receive an official thumbs-up from the party room.

Discussing the report on 2GB this morning, Premier Gladys Berejiklian would not be drawn on the exact nature of the budget, saying she’s “not in a position to confirm all of those wonderful things our Treasurer may or may not be announcing.”

“We get how tough it is for small businesses,” Berejiklian said, adding, “we’re looking at what we can afford, we’re looking at what we can announce, and that is all in the process of consideration.”

Chit-chat about a giant restaurant stimulus / vouchers package isn’t the only potential boost for the sector, either.

Earlier this week, Berejiklian signalled that the border between NSW and Victoria, which appears to be winning its long and brutal war against the virus, will reopen on November 23.

That’s extremely promising for Melbourne residents, who may soon be allowed to travel further than 25 kilometres from home. In that scenario, it’s entirely likely a throng of hungry Victorians could descend on NSW for Christmas. Good areas.

The NSW budget will be handed down on November 17. Whether you can get your grubby mitts on a voucher is yet to be seen.