Two NSW Cops Are In Deep Shit After Taking A BeReal Feat. A Literal Gun Pointed At A Head

Photo of a BeReal featuring two police officers from Sydney and Arthur and DW staring at computer screen shocked in animated show Arthur

Two Sydney police officers have been stood down after posting a BeReal which appears to show one cop pointing their gun at another officer inside a police station. That is well and truly a sentence I never thought I would write but alas, there we go.

The BeReal, which you can cop a squiz at below, is genuinely too fucked for words.

Photo credit: BeReal via The Sydney Morning Herald.

I literally cannot inhabit the mental space of any human being who thinks that posting a photo which appears to show them pointing a gun at another person is in any way normal.

Except for the whole, you know, police brutality thing, is this also the time to be fucking around with guns considering two young police officers and a member of the public were fatally shot in Queensland last week?

Per The Sydney Morning Herald, NSW Police confirmed on Tuesday that the officers had been stood down and an internal investigation into the bloody big boo boo had been launched.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb told the publication she was “absolutely disgusted” at the BeReal.

“We will be taking appropriate action at the earliest opportunity,” she said.

A NSW Police spokesperson told the cops had been identified and their guns had been taken off them. As they should, I say.

Honestly, I’m just reeling at the fact some dipshit cops went rogue and decided to flash guns in a BeReal. Just take a photo of your goddamn laptop screen — without any sensitive information, obviously — and a hideous selfie and move on.