POODUNNIT: NSW Police Are Now Investigating The Identity Of Sydney’s Poo Jogger

NSW Police are now reportedly investigating after footage of a very odd and baffling Poo Jogger was posted to Instagram by Sydney PR mogul Roxy Jacenko.

[jwplayer WAQmpNlf]

Yesterday, Jacenko posted CCTV footage of an unidentified female jogger who has reportedly been taking heaving big mid-jog turds on the street outside of Jacenko’s office.

Initially, Jacenko posted the CCTV footage to her Instagram page, labelling the unidentified woman as “an absolute disgrace,” bemoaning that the act was being committed on “our residential street where we have a primary school and multiple residences,” and openly questioning “what has the world come to,” while urging her 247,000-odd followers to track down the identity of the offender.

This morning, however, those posts have been taken down following involvement by NSW Police officials, who have confirmed they are launching an investigation into the incidents.

It remains unclear at this stage just how many shits the unidentified jogger has taken, but the two incidents detailed by Jacenko are alleged to have taken place just after 6am on Monday last week, and after 6:30am on Thursday.

Whether charges are laid, not at all unlike the offending alleged cable, remains to be seen at this stage.

Our crack team of reporters will bring you any new updates in the case as soon as they drop.