NSW police have arrested over 100 people in a major crackdown on Christmas shoplifting in some of Sydney’s busiest retail precincts, because people are idiots and ’tis the season for making questionable life choices that will come back to haunt you and never leave, just like The Ghost of Christmas #YOLO from Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Yes, exactly like that.

The brilliantly titled Operation Lightfingers, which took place over five days last week, has resulted in the arrest of 102 people who have been charged with a total of 135 offences, including 12 juveniles who will receive formal citations and sacks of coal.

In the course of the operation police also recovered over $27,000 worth of stolen goods. One man in particular tried to make off with $10,000 in computer equipment lifted from a temple/store on George Street in Sydney’s CBD during daylight hours using a magnetic de-tagging device in what can only be described as a foolproof plan of masterful intrigue gone asunder. Two others have also been charged with stealing food items, including one man from Surry Hills who probably just couldn’t be bothered to pay for the markup on everything at Thomas Dux and another woman who has been imprisoned for 12 months after absconding with delicious Christmas foodstuffs, made worse by the addition several outstanding warrants and priors.

Redfern Region Enforcement Squad Commander, Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Bell, said, “During busy retail periods, like Christmas and mid-year sales, we often see an increase in retail theft and fraud, with thieves attempting to capitalise on increased pedestrian traffic and busy customer service staff. 

We believe this operation – and others like it – sends a clear warning that shoplifting and unlawful behaviour will not be tolerated.  If you’re thinking of not paying, think again. Police, security, staff and surveillance cameras might just be watching you.”

That, and if we’ve learned anything from Billy Bob Thornton – and I think we have – it’s that crime doesn’t pay and you will get shot eight times in front of a child; and that’s “more fucked up than Rodney King.” Happy holidays everyone.

Anyone with information about shoplifting and other property crime should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page. Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.


via NSW Police Online