NSW Police 420 Blaze It, Destroy $8M Weed Crop Found In National Park

In news that may or may not be upsetting to you, depending on how high you were planning to get this week, NSW Police have burned a cannabis crop with an estimated value of $8.6 million, found in a national park on the state’s north coast.

Officers from Richmond Local Area Command and the National Parks and Wildlife Service discovered the site of the plantation earlier this month, tipped off by vehicles seen driving into Bundjalung National Park with their number plates covered up. 
The vehicles led them to a “large and sophisticated crop”, bordered by a stockproof fence, 150m long and 50m wide, just off a secluded walking track called Hell Hole Trail.
(TBH, that was probably a much better place to hide it than one of the more popular routes, like Handjob Trail or Bacon Double Cheeseburger Trail).
More than 8500 plants were discovered at the site, and have since been incinerated by police. 
Richmond Local Area DCI Cameron Lindsay said of the haul:
“This was a sophisticated and expensive setup, no doubt financed by an organised crime group. This crop is one of the largest found in recent times and its destruction will hurt those behind it.”
A further 4000 plants have been confiscated in raids around the area this week, bringing the total number to 12,500.