Here Are The Wildest Scenes From The Mousepocalypse Plaguing Rural NSW At The Moment

There has been a mouse plague going on in rural NSW for months, now. Things have pretty much gone from bad to apocalyptic.

It’s gotten to a point where mice are eating up farmers’ hay supplies, stripping shop shelves bare, and even creating an “economic and public health crisis”.

Now the government is spending $50 million on double-strength mouse poison, a product so strong it had been banned for use in Australia until now.

The situation almost sounds too wild to be true. But it’s not. Take a look at some of the footage below and see for yourself.

Shit’s fucked.

It’s hoped that the mice will die off once winter comes along due to both the cold temperature and fewer crops to feed on, but things are still far from certain.

“Mice are digging quite extensive burrow networks out in paddocks and it’s pretty easy for them to get away from those nasty climatic conditions and continue to thrive if there’s plenty of food in the system,” CSIRO researcher Steve Henry told the ABC.

“What will happen during the winter is that breeding will slow down … and mice go into self-preservation mode to get through winter so they’re still there in spring.”

That’s where the bait comes in, to nab this plague in the butt once and for all.

Hopefully that super-strong, until-now-outlawed mouse poison does the trick and then farmers can get back to their normal lives.