Don’t Be Alarmed, But An Actual Boa Constrictor Is On The Loose In Sydney’s Southwest

Please try and remain calm but if you happen to spot a real fresh-looking snake in Sydney’s south-west, then it might be a loose boa constrictor that’s gotten out of its home just outside Camden.

[jwplayer X3NbjVrv]

Australian Snake Catchers shared a post this morning with the warning for folks in the Silverdale area to keep their eyes peeled for the slithery sucker, after if left its jacket at a local construction site last week.

It’s also super illegal to keep a boa outside of the captivity of a zoo so who the fuck knows how this has happened, but I can’t imagine its owner is just gonna be like “ahh yep that’s mine.”

I’m not afraid of snakes but holy SHIT that thing must be HUGE. I would 100% shit myself if I came across that thing just casually slithering along the ground.

The snake catching team suspect the boa constrictor is about 2.5m (jesus christ) in length and could be sunning itself in the Cascades area after the rain.

The NSW Government’s Invasive Species department is urging anyone who clocks eyes on the incredibly large danger noodle to contact your nearest snake handler to come and remove it. They’re also warning people to not try and handle the snake, even though boa constrictors aren’t poisonous, they’re likely to strike and wrap themselves around anything that poses a danger (or could be tonight’s dinner).

Snake catcher suspect the boa constrictor could look something like the one shared in the Facebook post but honestly, how many two-and-a-half metre long snakes are slinking around?