NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley Promises Safe Schools Will Never Return

Just to give you some of an idea as to how much of a mess NSW state politics is in right now, opposition leader Luke Foley – who, unbelievably, is the leader of the NSW Labor party’s left faction – has gone on the record with the notably brain-poisoned Miranda Devine to assert that, under a Labor State Government, he would personally ensure that Safe Schools would never, ever return in any form.

Foley appeared on Devine’s new “online radio show” – which, come on now, is just a doublespeak term for podcast that’s aimed at making boomers feel less like they’re being tempted by the ills of the youth – and spoke about the objectively harmless educational program that provided operational and support frameworks for teachers dealing with at-risk LGBTQI kids, yet was turned into a bile-fanged harbinger of homosexual doom by bored middle-aged twits trying to justify their six-figure print journalism salaries by igniting a Culture War.

Foley – again, leader of the Labor left – quite fervently lashed the program that more or less never really got off the ground in the state, officially being scrapped back in April.

The state opposition leader stated “I want to be clear, the Safe School program will not return,” before adding the full stop of “[it is] gone for good.

All that’s probably enough, in terms of making your thoughts clear on the matter. But then came this absolute barnburner of a quote:

Schools have a role to stop bullying — but what I won’t have is some theory that comes from a university sociology course doing it.

Because yeah nah, who wants to listen to some BRAIN GENIUS University boffin who actually studies social interaction and culture on the subject? Absolute crazy talk for nerds, that.

After scrapping Safe Schools, NSW implemented a broader anti-bullying campaign that was designed to target all kinds of bullying and discrimination, rather than one program (of many educational policies) that chose to focus on a specific group of at-risk youths. Kinda like the All Lives Matter of anti-bullying policies.

That’s the alternative option voters in NSW have if they’re not keen on Gladys and the Coalition.

Rock and a hard place, mates. A rock and a hard place.