NSW Health Is Now Recommending You Pick One Bar & Stay There, You Filthy Frothdogs

NSW Health officials have taken the rather unusual step of recommending that people in Sydney stick to just the one venue if they choose to head out over the weekend, in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The official NSW Health Twitter account made the recommendation a short time ago, urging thirsty punters in Sydney who may be barrelling head-long into the pub tonight (you lucky fucks) to stick to just the one venue.

That recommendation comes on the heels of one incident just over a week ago, where a man who would later test positive for coronavirus visited a string of different venues across Sydney’s inner west on the same day, requiring widespread contact tracing efforts from authorities.

By limiting movements to just the one venue, NSW Health officials state they have a much better chance of effectively tracing anyone who may have had contact with a potential positive case, should the need arise.

How anyone could possibly summon the energy to bar hop the entire way from Enmore to the CBD and back again is another question entirely.

If you’re heading out in Sydney tonight, mates: Pick one joint – a good one – and stick with it. Lean right in. It’s a much better idea anyways.