While the rules and restrictions around what you can and can’t do in NSW’s lockdowns are changing rapidly, we’re all understandably getting pretty confused about what is and isn’t against the health orders. One of the biggest points of confusion is about what comes under the umbrella of “recreation” for those areas that allow it within their lockdown restrictions.

As part of last week’s ‘Fact Check Friday’ on NSW Health’s Instagram – where us confused folks can ask questions about the lockdowns, vaccines, and COVID in general – the department clarified the definition of recreation, and who you can spend time with out of the house.

nsw health recreation explainer

For anyone not living in one of the current local government areas of concern, you’re allowed to spend your outdoor time doing recreational things, which include sitting down to eat and drink, as well as sitting for relaxation, or having a read in the sunshine.

It’s important to note that though people across NSW can do these things at this point in the lockdowns, there are rules around who you can have recreation time with.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really mean you can go and have a picnic in the park with multiple people from other houses, but you can definitely have a sit on the grass with a housemate or your singles bubble buddy, or sunbathe solo at the beach (if that’s in your 5km radius).

nsw health recreation explainer

For those residing LGAs of concern, you’re now only allowed outdoors to exercise for one hour per day, within the curfew hours of 5am to 9pm, and only with the people you live with or one (1) person you don’t live with. Recreation is not allowed, so either you’re on the move or you’re at home.

New rules for all of NSW also include mandatory masks both outdoors and inside buildings that aren’t your home. So don’t forget to grab your mask with your keys, wallet, and phone. And as always, get tested if you develop any symptoms, and treat yourself to a nice little sit in the sunshine after your vaccine jab if you can – you deserve it.

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The best vaccine is the first one you can get, and that’ll be our ticket out of this mess.

Image: Getty Images / Jenny Evans