Sydney commuters may soon be able to use credit and debit cards to tap on and off public transport, if a trial next year is successful.

And being very straight with you guys here, we’re trying to take a tone of incredulity. We really are. Whipping out your credit card on public transport is usually a dicey option, but this sounds like… a good idea?

Transport Minister Andrew Constance is expected to announce the plan when he opens the government’s Future Transport summit in Sydney, an affair that sounds excruciatingly dull until you realise that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is headlining.


Like the Opal cards in the first place, this new development will likely by modelled off the London Oyster card system, where where commuters have been able to use credit and debit cards (as well as Oyster cards) since 2014.

Londoners still cop all the benefits of using their Oyster cards – like discounts for certain trips – so there’s a decent chance our system won’t cut any of the eight trip / cheapo Sunday benefits. 

There’s still oodles of time to work out the kinks; Constance says there’s a lot of work to get through before a trial is even possible.

“A lot of critical work needs to be undertaken in the first stage of this project, such as finalising partnerships, working with the finance and contactless payments sector, developing the software and then, in 2017, undertaking a customer trial,” he said.

Source: SMH.

Photo: The Simpsons.