Parts Of NSW Flooded Again And The Pics & Videos Prove We Live In A Sodden Hellscape

nsw flooding sydney footage

It’s a Thursday which means Sydney and parts of NSW are experiencing floods again. Hell, we could throw a dart at a dartboard with the days of the week on it and be knee-deep in water. As the heavens opened for the umpteenth time and rain pelted down, photos and videos of flooding and water all over the place started appearing online showing just how extremely fucked it all is.

Floodwaters were erupting from every angle in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, transforming the road into more of a white water rafting scene.

Down the road in Vaucluse, there were reverse waterfalls. Yep, the wind was so strong that it was whipping water vertically up the sides of the cliff faces.

The SES has urged people in low-lying parts of Woronora and Bonnet Bay in the Sutherland Shire to evacuate as the Woronora River is at critical levels.

In Sydney’s southwest, the SES was working hard to sandbag shops, homes and buildings in Picton as the local Stonequarry Creek was rising at a rapid rate.

The RFS even had to winch a man to safety with a helicopter in Kangaroo Valley south of Sydney after he was stranded in floodwaters.

The ponds of Wollongong University’s campus have turned into torrenting rivers, and I can’t help but worry for all the big, angry ducks who call the uni their home.

Off campus, the streets have turned into rivers too. Jesus wept can someone check in on Chicko’s?

If you’re in the midst of this unbelievable — but sadly pretty fucking predictable — weather causing these NSW floods: keep dry, be safe and for the love of God stay the fuck out of the floodwaters.