Here We Fkn Go: All The Best Reactions & Right-Wing Meltdowns To Labor’s NSW Election Victory

NSW Labor has won the election

On Saturday night, NSW finally nabbed its first-ever hot premier in Chris Minns. Oh, and it was also the first time Labor has won office in the state since 2011. Both are massive accomplishments. So, as is tradition here at PEDESTRIAN.TV — let’s celebrate by sifting through the best reactions and meltdowns from NSW election night 2023.

Let’s kick things off with the silly stuff.

Anthony Albanese was in the Sydney electorate of Ryde supporting Labor’s candidate when he decided to purchase a democracy sausage.

A seasoned politician, Albo knew the press would try and snap a pic of him mid-chomp. So, to alleviate the risk of looking silly, he hid behind a paper plate.

Unfortunately for the PM, the media were still able to get their picture but it could definitely have been a lot worse.

I mean, we all remember Bill Shorten‘s display in 2017 which rocked the nation to its core

Speaking of snags, we simply must shout out this incredible sausage sizzle menu at a Newtown primary school.

I’ll have one pork barrel with egg and a side of interest rate rises, please!

Now, onto the real meat and potatoes of this article — the meltdowns.

Beginning with Victorian Senator Ralph Babet, Australia’s first and only #grindset politician.

A devoted member of the United Australia Party (Clive Palmer‘s Party), Babet came out of the woodwork last night to offer his take on the NSW election.

In doing so, he fell into the same trap most right-wing pundits fall into post-election. That is, thinking you lost because you didn’t go far enough to the right.

A similar opinion was echoed by Sky News host Rowan Dean after the 2022 federal election and it was a pure joy to watch.

Moreover, it’s always so satisfying to see conservatives fight each other, instead of progressives.

Self implode! Go off, queens! Destroy yourselves! You’re doing great, sweetie!

The next right-wing meltdown was a little more combative and involved an exchange between soon-to-be former NSW treasurer Matt Kean and Tania Mihailuk, a former Labor member for Bankstown-turned-One Nation upper house hopeful.

During their chat which was broadcast during Channel 9’s election coverage, Kean pulled Mihailuk up on her party’s claims the NSW LNP wanted to reach 100 a per cent renewables target.


Tory v right wing cooker – who is the bigger loser?

♬ original sound – Dan fanboy

Kean said this was “blatantly a lie, you ran your campaign on a blatant lie”.

To be fair, anyone who knows the Libs would know they would simply be that ambitious on climate…

Mihailuk returned serve by telling Kean, who looks likely to fill Dominic Perrottet’s spot as leader of the party, that if he were to be elected opposition leader “the Liberals would be out [of government] for generations”.

Oh no! Don’t tempt me with a good time!

The biggest meltdown of the night came to us from none other than the fountain of eternal spoof (rhymes with “youth”, not the other thing) itself, Sky News.

As it was becoming clear to even the most brain-worm-infested hand puppet that the Libs were about to forfeit their 12-year reign in government, the team went hell for leather.

Man with two first names but no first place finishes, Chris Kenny, and woman who looked much like an embarrassed niece standing next to her cooker uncle at Christmas lunch, Laura Jayes, performed a spectacular closing number.

It was giving sketch comedy duo.

“You can’t chase The Greens and the teals and The Labor Party to the left and try and replicate their policies,” Kenny began.

“You actually have to have some points of difference. You have to stand for your own values.”

After hearing this, Jayes chimed in with “sure but they did“.

Mate, what do you expect a Liberal state premier to do when at a federal level, their Liberal colleagues have got bipartisanship with Labor on Net Zero.”

“The states can’t go alone on energy”.


The tension. The rawness. The emotion.

Get this pair an Academy Award.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with an image of the precise moment Peta Credlin‘s brain broke upon hearing it would be a Labor victory.

To read more about last night’s election result, peep our recap here.