Attention, New South Welshies: as of 2019, burdening yourself with a physical drivers’ licence will no longer be required, ’cause you’ll be able to keep that vital piece of ID right there on your phone. 

According to Services Minister Dominic Perrottet, the whiz-bang new system is perfect if “you’re looking forward to a wallet-free future.” According to us, it sounds like a solution to those odd moments you leave your wallet on the counter. 

This development comes after a slew of other licences were popped onto handheld screens. Currently, fishers, bartenders and casino workers in NSW can store identifying docs on their phones. 

The totally optional cardless ID will be stored in a password-protected app, but apart from providing a brave new world for anyone who crafts fakies, users will also need to look out for depleted batteries – if you get pulled over with a dead phone and no physical card, you could be up for a fine.
Maybe bring a charger along with you, just in case. It could fit in the bountiful space vacated by your old school card. Innovative and agile, that.

Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty.