In Sydney today, investment banker James Longworth was jailed for three years after his disgusting one-punch attack on a bouncer named Fred Taiba.

Longworth threw a vicious punch in September 2013, after Taiba – working as a security guard at Bar 333 on George St – refused him entry for being too intoxicated. He said in court that he “lashed out”. 

Taiba was in a coma for 19 months, and sustained life-long head injuries from the attack. 

But today, after the sentencing, he spoke to media standing next to his son, saying:

“I’m happy, it’s a relief. All I have to say to Longworth is, you made your bed, now lie in it. Think of what you did.

We need to make future examples of these perpetrators, these offenders… These cowards.”

In the NSW District Court today, Judge Richard Cogswell sentenced Longworth to at least 3 years (maximum 4 years and 10 months) in jail. He will able to apply for parole in 2019. 

Source: 7 News

Photo: Twitter