After clocking 38 days of no community transmission, NSW is set to have its COVID restrictions relaxed a bit further in time for the weekend – and mates, dancing is back on the menu. It’s time to get loose and kick off your restriction shoes because the boogie is back…kinda.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the eased restrictions this morning, confirming that from 12.01am on Friday, February 26, the state will be able to let its hair down a bit more with rules around dancefloors, having people over to your house, at the gym, and live performances.

From one minute past midnight on Friday morning, wedding dancefloors (only, for now) will open up to a capacity of 30 people. You’ll also be able to have up to 50 people in your house (hello, house parties) and groups of people singing (like choirs or congregations) will be increased to 30 as well.

It’s been a long bloody time between boogies, but you’ll be able to fully lose yourself to dance again from Friday. I’m more than sure that everyone in NSW has been itching for a solid dancing sesh to release some pent-up energy, and it’s now so bloody close you can almost taste it.

“From Friday, after one minute past Friday – one minute past midnight on Friday morning, you will be able to welcome up to 50 people into your home but this does come with risk,” Gladys said.

“Make sure no one comes into your house with symptoms who has not been tested and told they can leave their house. Make sure there is good ventilation, good distancing. Please be careful if you are taking up this opportunity.”

Imagine, if you will, how much all the wedding dancefloors are gonna light the fuck up as soon as it clicks over to 12.01am on Friday morning, especially after Aunt Deb has had a few glasses of champers.

nsw dancing rules february 2021Basically, this.

Everyone just fucking fanging to get out and shake off the cobwebs of the last 12 months, and probably having to wait by a secco at the side of the dancefloor once it hits the 30 person cap.

At the gym, you’ll be able to sweat it out (safely) with 49 other people, as class capacity broadens to 50 people, with the 4-square metre rule still in place.

Berejiklian also announced that, if NSW can maintain this hot streak of zero local cases for another three weeks, we’ll be able to stand up (!) indoors (!!) for a drink at the pub (!!!) from March 17. Now that makes it feel like things are coming back to some semblance of normal – the pure and simple joy of being able to stand up for a schooner of beer at the bar, or awkwardly shifting around on your feet when everyone in your group at the pub has taken up all the booth seats. Nothing like it, folks.

“In the meantime, we have to be as vigilant as ever,” she said.

“We have to make sure we do not become complacent, that we stick to the COVID restrictions and rules to make sure that all of us stay protected.”

Image: ABC / Why Are You Like This?