NSW Health has confirmed 50 new locally acquired cases in Sydney since 8PM last night, 26 of which were infectious while in the community.

In a press conference this morning, NSW confirmed that of these 50 new cases, 37 are linked to a known case or cluster. 14 are household contacts and 23 are close contacts, and 13 are under investigation.

Alarmingly, one of today’s cases is an NSW teen who is in ICU. NSW Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant specified that they did not need a ventilator. They follow yesterday’s troubling news that a person in their 20s and another in their 30s were in hospital requiring a ventilator. Side note: dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison, now’s a good bloody time to give us young people the vaccine.

“I think it’s an assailant lesson that COVID can impact all age groups,” NSW Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said that, unfortunately, these cases may continue to go up before they go down.

“I do expect the numbers to be bouncing around and the situation to worsen before it gets better,” she said.

“When you have so many people infectious in our community, you assume, based on the maths, case numbers to go up, but what I want to see is the number of people infectious in the community go down, and that is what is key.

“We cannot have people with symptoms acting as though it is OK to leave the house or OK not to get tested until they get sick.”

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said that one source of cases that is specifically concerning to NSW Health and NSW Police is “essentially a party” held in Randwick.

“A couple of examples that I would like to highlight is in Randwick, where police were called to a noise complaint, found eight men essentially having a party or a gathering at Randwick, clearly against the public health orders,” he said.

“Eight infringement notices were issued and that party was shut down and those people left that house.”

Berejiklian added: “I think it is frustrating when people do the wrong thing because it affects all of us… We’re not asking for much I believe, given what we’re all in. If everyone does the right thing, we’ll get out of this sooner.”

Over the last few days, NSW has recorded a noticeable spike in cases within the community. On the 7th of July, we saw 27 new local cases, followed by 38, 44 and then today’s 50. Since the 16th of June, there have been 489 locally acquired cases reported. 35 of the total cases are linked to a party held at Meriton Suites.

There were 42,023 tests reported at 8PM last night, compared with the previous day’s total of 42,152. Dr Chant encouraged more people to come forward to get tested.

NSW Health also administered a record 22,121 COVID-19 vaccines in the 24 hours to 8PM last night, including 7,080 at the vaccination centre at Sydney Olympic Park. Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the country’s new vaccine rollout program would see a million doses distributed per week.