NSW Cops Seized Nangs N’ Bongs From A Newtown Tobacconist & FB Is Furious

Folks, as we all know, the only way to prevent car crashes is to outlaw tyres and shut down every bootleg Bob Jane T-Mart in the country. If people can’t get tyres, then surely they won’t get in their cars, right? And therefore no crashes.

If we follow that logic train all the way to the station, we arrive at the obvious conclusion of this yarn:
NSW Police have raided a Newtown tobacconist and confiscated what it claims to be “over $34,000” worth of pipes, bongs, pill-testing kits, coke spoons, electronic scales, and even a coupla bloody Nangs.
Police posted photos boasting of their ~mighty haul~ to Facebook, detailing that the raid happened on Sunday.

“Police seize over $34,000 worth of drug equipment in Newtown yesterday.

On Sunday 11 December 2016, officers from Newtown Local Area Command executed a search warrant at a store on King Street, Newtown.

During the search, police seized 536 cannabis pipes, 195 ice pipes, seven ecstasy testing kits, 24 electronic scales, 74 cocaine spoons and numerous other pieces of equipment allegedly used to administer prohibited drugs.

In total, the equipment seized has a potential sale value of

Investigations are continuing and police are urging anyone with information to come forward.”

And lord almighty, the One Time did not have to travel far to execute this high-level operation.

The Newtown Local Area Command set upon a tobacconist that’s reportedly on the corner of King and Wilson Streets.
Meaning it’s about a 2-minute walk away from the cop shop. As in, this close:
There’s a fair chance the entire police department walks or drives directly past there twice a day. And that store isn’t exactly new, either.
It goes without saying, but boasting about this mind-shattering haul of things related to drugs but not actual drugs themselves (even though the sale of bongs or pipes in NSW is technically illegal) on Facebook has drawn a less-than-favourable response from punters, all of whom are baffled that police have chosen this incident as their public head-on-a-pike.
The comments are littered with both outrage, disgust, and outright sarcasm.
The war on drugs, pals. It is indeed hell.

Source: NSW Police/Facebook.
Photo: NSW Police/Facebook.