NSW Cops Rescue 2-Metre Python With A Raging Meth Addiction From Drug Lab

Now then, hear me out on this one folks. Stay with me.

What if ‘Breaking Bad‘… but snakes?
You’re never gonna believe this, but as it turns out snakes and meth don’t mix very well, as the Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre discovered a little while ago.
Prisoners working to care for animals while incarcerated took in a 2 metre-long jungle python who had been rescued by police from a drug lab. The fumes and particles from the methamphetamine being cooked at the site had been absorbed by the animal, effectively turning it into an ice addict.
Senior overseer at the facility Ian Mitchell asserted that, when the snake arrived for care, it was in a bad way.

“He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike.”

“Normally these pythons can be a little bit snappy, they are constrictors and not poisonous, and they just lie around. This one was very aggressive and had very erratic behaviour.”

The snake reportedly needed several weeks of rehab before it worked the drug out of its system, during which time it constantly moved around its heated enclosure. Several months of care later and the animal is back to normal. It still resides at the wildlife care centre, where it is waiting for the connected case to be heard by the courts. After that, the animal will be placed into a ballot where a new, licensed owner will be found for the slithery pal.

Snakes are regularly favoured by bikies and criminals as a visual deterrent, storing firearms and drugs in enclosures where the animals are kept.
Now, what to call the reformed snek?
Jessssssssse Pinkman?
Maybe Mike Ehrmansnake?
It’s a rich vein of comedy, folks.

Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Barcroft Media/Getty.