The NSW & VIC bushfires (and now, the WA bushfire closures) of 2019/2020 have been horrifying to say the least. Millions of hectares have burned, hundreds of homes have been destroyed, millions of animals have perished and most tragically, dozens of human lives have been lost.

But as with every tragic disaster, there are angelic humans who just get shit done. Whether they’re risking their lives or sacrificing for the sake of those who are in need, it’s nice to know that there are good humans out there who just want to do whatever they can to help.

1. These Firies Who Saved What They Could

Obviously all the firies working tirelessly on the front lines of these fires are at the #1 position of People Doing Amazingly Good Shit, but I thought this was worth a mention – a few CFA firefighters who spent time saving someone’s likely precious possessions when they couldn’t save their home, during what I’m sure were extreme conditions.

2. Stardust Circus

Whatever your opinion is on circuses (I’m personally not a fan), this is pretty great – Stardust offered their generator to the Ulladulla Evacuation Centre to keep the power going for everyone taking refuge there.

3. These Guys Who Did What They Could

Environmental Engineer Elisa Holgate posted this photo to Twitter, saying when she asked what she could do to help the exhausted firies, they said they just wanted somewhere to sit and cool down. It just goes to show you don’t need to be an expert or have the tools to fight the fires – sometimes just doing whatever you can, however small, can contribute to the wider cause.

4. Kennards Hire

Mogo Zoo, based on the South Coast, needed a 200KW generator to power their fences and site so vets could assist injured animals and keep them contained and safe from blazes. Kennards saw Tweets about it and sent down the generator, free of charge. Okay, so sometimes brands do this stuff for ~exposure~, but honestly? At this point, jumping in to help is jumping in to help.

5. The Manager Of Woolies Bermagui

Credit: Facebook via 7 News

As 7 News reported this morning, people are praising the manager of Woolworths in Bermagui for helping out during the crisis, from providing water and food to the nearby evacuation centre to working overtime to ensure stock is out for everyone desperately needing supplies.

6. This ABC Cameraman

The ABC team are praising their colleague Matt Roberts, who was on ground filming the devastation for their exemplary rolling coverage while his sister’s home was burning and he couldn’t reach her.

Considering the rest of Australia is reliant on the ABC for many fire updates, it’s a pretty damn amazing selfless act.

7. All The People Driving To Donate Supplies

People in surrounding areas that aren’t directly in danger have been rushing to the aid of those who are in dire need of supplies, like Kelsey Rettino’s father, who drove basic necessities up to East Gippsland’s Buchan.

8. And Showing Up To Cook For Evacuees

People are literally driving to cook and assist those who have been evacuated.

9. And Everyone Who Flooded Lavington Brigade With Supplies

After a request for supplies, people delivered in droves – the Lavington Brigade of the RFS was overwhelmed with supplies, to the point where the RFS had to get specific about what they did need, after receiving so much from generous Aussies.

The fires continue to rage, with Saturday’s weather predicted to be horrific – potentially worse than NYE for NSW South Coast. If you can, get in touch with the CFA or RFS and see what you can do to help.

Image: Twitter / @Coopesdetat