NRA ‘Patriots’ Launch Attack Ad On Australia And Our Lack Of Freedoms

Shit, you guys. The NRA is maaaaaad.

They’ve taken aim (again) at our 1996 gun buyback scheme, which so far has been responsible for saddling innocent Australians with ten years straight of zero mass shootings in local school, movie theatre, shopping centre or workplace. It’s a travesty. #PrayForFreedom

Clearly, the NRA are getting jumpy with American politicians mentioning us as an example of how to deal with mass shootings, because they’ve released a new attack ad that employs all the features of a Hollywood thriller.

No joke, this thing’s got intense strings, floating newspaper clippings, a general tone of impending doom… if the filmmakers don’t list the classic 2002 film ‘Red Dragon‘ among their inspirations, then I’ll eat the semi-automatic I don’t have. 


Example 1: ‘Red Dragon’ (Skip to 1:40 to get right into it).

Example 2: the NRA’s attack ad.

Not a lot in, it huh*. 

*Except that one is spending millions/twisting logic in the push to keep guns legal and easily accessible when 674 people have already been killed by guns this year alone, and the other features a shiveringly good Anthony Hopkins.

Source / Photo / Lunatic logic: NRA.