Now Twitter’s 10, Let’s #Throwback To The Mind-Numbingly Boring 1st Tweets

Today marks Twitter‘s 10th birthday, and although the financially-uncertain company is today at the forefront of news, politics, celebs throwing shade at each other, entire countries staging a coup, and Kanye West‘s rapid descent into madness, its beginnings were decidedly more shit.

The contentious Jack Dorsey – a.k.a. the ‘father of Twitter’, whose firing from his own company, campaigning to get other executives fired, then being rehired as the CEO is very reminiscent of #Auspol, tbqh – was the first person ever to ever send a tweet, and it looked a little something like this:

Groundbreaking stuff, no? Shortening Twitter to Twttr to fit into the 140 character limit – genius.

And as it’s now ten years to the day since Jack sent that Tweet, we thought we’d remind you how the OG users of Twitter foresaw the social media platform being used.

This is Biz Stone, another co-founder:

Dom Sagolla
, Tim Roberts, and other early Twitter users who never deigned to put their last name in their bios –we see you, Crystal, Meredith, and Jeremy – also had this as their First Ever Tweet. So, it was probably an auto-tweet, and they were just ~going with the flow~.  

But once all our main players were on Twitter, the *real* fun began.

We know, right? It’s like you were there.

A couple years ago a Twitter account called @First30Tweets found and retweeted the – you guessed it – first ever 30 tweets, which of course led to a BuzzFeed article. Today, there are just nine left. Those suckers actually went back and deleted their tweets, but thanks to the article, we’ve got screenshots.

Here’s some more of the drama:

But all jokes aside, here’s an evergreen tweet if we ever saw one:

Photo: Twitter.