French authorities investigating the fire at Notre Dame in Paris are pretty sure at this point that the blaze was not deliberately ignited, and they’ve pointed the finger at several possible causes, including an electrical fault, or a discarded ciggie.

Prosecutors in Paris are still contemplating whether negligence caused the fire, but they’ve got no reason to think it was lit on purpose.

“If certain failings, which may explain the scale of the fire, have been brought to light, the investigations carried out to this date have not yet been able to determine the causes of the fire,” a statement from Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said.

“For now, there are no indications of a criminal origin.”

Several hypotheses have been raised to explain the Notre Dame fire, which tore through the church on April 15, causing damage to the roof and a spire. Police have examined more than 1200 clues and heard testimony from around 100 people in their investigations.

The costs of renovating the medieval church won’t be known until next year. President Emmanuel Macron says he wants it entirely fixed by 2024, but no one knows whether that will actually be possible.