NOT SO FAUX: French Cops Find CCTV Footage Of The Men Who Robbed Kim K

Catch yourself up: you probably know that Kim Kardashian-West was bound and held at gunpoint in a private hotel room in Paris earlier this week, while five men dressed as faux police officers robbed her of AUD $14 million worth of jewellery. (You can read more HERE, HERE & HERE.)
A chunk of the world’s population have failed basic empathy tests by self-servingly using this incident to brazenly discuss why they hate a woman who’s just been assaulted, and most of those people loudly decided that the whole ordeal was completely made up, and never happened.
Well, it appears as though they were labouring under a misapprehension by fruitlessly complaining, because the French police have now announced that a CCTV camera in a shop near the hotel has caught a glimpse of the attackers’ faces. 
The footage comes from a camera belonging to a nail salon which is “a stones throw” from the very private, unlisted hotel. 
A camera on the shop’s mezzanine level reportedly faced a large mirror, and so the mirror reflected an image of the five men as they made their escape from Kim’s room, where she was still inside. 
via The Sun
According to The Sun, the video allegedly also shows them sliding past a sleeping guard as they exited the building, making their way through an outdoor smoking area, then leaving on push bikes.
Considering Kim’s head bodyguard Pascal Duvier recently has gone all Liam Neeson and threatened to hunt down the men, we daresay this should make it invariably easier for him. 

“We have tips and leads and we will find you — that I promise you. You messed with the wrong one.”
Source: The Sun
Source: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty.