Boy, is this one ever a doozy.

Of all the images to have emerged from this past weekend’s round of Reclaim Australia rallies – and the subsequent anti-racism response demonstrations – the prevailing one was that of a bloke by the name of Nathan Paterson; a heavily tattooed fellow, pictured roaring with one arm raised, sporting a singlet with the Eureka Flag, and a cape presumably made from the standard Australian Flag.

Paterson – a NSW resident who attended the rally at Cessnock in the Hunter Valley – sports a vividly distinctive facial tattoo; an elaborate design that was (at least allegedly) self-administered in front of a mirror at home.

Fairfax Media caught up with Paterson, who has been widely condemned after the photo circulated the internet, and as it turns out he doesn’t much like being judged simply based on how he looks.

“I’ve seen people calling me a bogan, calling me a racist pig, all off one photo. A woman on the radio called me a toothless, tattooed freak.”

“Well okay, great, if she wants to pay for me to get my tooth fixed then that’s great, I’ll shake her hand, because I’m in the waiting line to have it done.”

Paterson’s attendance at the rally was largely based on his own frustrations at being unable to secure permanent Government-funded housing, and illustrated his grasp of racial and socio-political divisions thusly.

“At the rally I was chanting Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, which is something every Australian chants at sporting matches against other countries, so is every Australian a racist now?”

To further ram that point home – the point being that he is not a racist – he pointed out the fact that he is familiar with the Bangladeshi owner of the local kebab shop he frequents.

“I don’t actually know his name, I call him Bangladesh, he’s my mate from the gym.”

The real kicker, though – the one that’s really going to put some wrinkles in your brain – is when he protested about people looking down on him simply due to his appearance.

“People judge you just for the way you look, without knowing anything about you, which I think, that’s not fair.”

NOT SATIRE: Reclaim Australia Supporter Sick Of Being Judged On Looks

Who would’ve thought that being hounded and vilified by the public simply because of the facial coverings you’ve accepted as an ordinary part of your life could lead to you feeling ostracised and isolated?

‘Course, it is important to remember here that he isn’t racist. But…

via Newcastle Herald.