North Korea’s Delightfully Batshit Insane Government Calls Julie Bishop A ‘US Stooge’

They might desperately want to be taken seriously, but they’re certainly not helping their cause by lashing out at movie stars and the like. North Korea‘s Foreign Ministry has now lashed out at our own Foreign Minister Julie Bishop because she apparently made the grave misstep of speaking ill of, or criticising North Korea’s governance and it’s infallible supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un.

In an interview with US radio station Voice of America, which is a public broadcaster, Bishop suggested that that Kim Jong-Un’s leadership wasn’t legitimate, due to his regime not meeting international standards in areas like human rights. She also expressed grave concern over the country’s ongoing nuclear weapons program, calling on the young leader, whose fear of barbers necessitates he cut his own hair, to abandon the program altogether.
Never one to simply let the news cycle rest while they happily go about their own business, North Korea fired back at Bishop. The response that came via North Korea’s state broadcaster was brief, concise and curt; “(Bishop is) no more than a stooge carrying out the US hostile policy (toward it).” 
(North Korea) will never pardon but resolutely punish anyone who dares slander the dignity of its supreme leadership.
It staunchly vowed to not abandon its nuclear program anytime soon.
Presumably throughout all this, Kim Jong-Un himself was busy training for his 180 point basketball game or his leap to the moon or whatever other whackadoo shit they make the country believe so that he might appear in their eyes as a superhero or something.
Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.