Honest to god, if someone hasn’t started a Twitter account for Is Bronwyn Bishop Stepping Down As Speaker (can we suggest @bronnyexpenses?), then we just don’t know what the world is anymore.

Last night, political journo Latika Bourke spoke to the Speaker’s office, who responded with a resounding “NOPE” when asking if she’ll be stepping down.

Specifically, they said: “The Speaker will not be resigning.” Office of few words, that lot.

This is in response to yesterday’s dual attack from Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison, who both said she should probably reconsider her position, all things considered. [Note: Morrison’s was cleverly hidden behind his decision to NOT publicly defend her, because plausible deniability etc. The blood has been sniffed, friends, and they’re out for it.]

The ABC spoke to a bunch of unnamed frontbenchers, who described her position as “untenable” and “unconscionable”, that their group is “ropable” about her not resigning, that it’s “a disaster,” but that “no one can sack her”. 

But it’s okay guys, Bill Shorten’s already figured it out – he’s helpfully suggested for Bishop to be replaced with Queensland Liberal National MP Bruce Scott.

The public has also stepped in, doing what it does best: starting a Change.org petition. The one to remove Bishop from her Speaker position is just a few hundred signatures shy of 70,000 – that’s 30,000 more than last week.


Bishop went on 2GB this morning to apologise to the Australian people, three weeks after she didn’t for that helicopter fiasco. 

Nope, Bronwyn Bishop Will Not Be Resigning, Apologises 3 Weeks Late


via Fairfax / ABC