Dan Andrews Says Non-Vaxxed Victorians Will Be Barred From The Pub / Footy When Lockdown Ends

non-vaccinated victorians

Non-vaccinated Victorians will soon have a hard time getting into venues and events once the state hits its 80 per cent double dose vaccination target.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said that there will be more freedoms for fully vaccinated residents when the majority of the 16+ population have been jabbed with two doses of the vaccine.

“At 70 and more likely 80 per cent double dose, we will have an opportunity to open up parts of the Victorian economy to those who have been vaccinated,” he said.

But what does that mean for those non-vaccinated individuals? Well, according to the Premier the places they can visit will be “very, very limited”.“They will be locked out of a whole range of venues because they could be vaccinated and they have chosen not to. That is the greatest incentive, to get our freedoms.”

“The chances of you booking a ticket at a sporting event, going to a pub or a manner of different places, will be very limited,” he added.

However, we still don’t know how this new rule will affect people who cannot be vaccinated for genuine health reasons.

This comes after the state recorded a whopping 208 new local cases and one death. Of those 96 are linked to a known case, while 112 are under investigation.

This week, the state abandoned their goal of reaching “COVID zero” as numbers continue to climb. The focus is now on buying as much time as possible until enough people are vaccinated.

“With the number of positive cases this high, the speed at which this Delta variant is spreading and so many Victorians still to be vaccinated, our Chief Health Office advises it is unlikely we will be able to bring our case numbers down,” Andrews said on Wednesday.

The good news is that Victorians are getting vaccinated in record numbers, particularly young people. With very limited amounts of Pfizer available, residents jumped on to book AstraZeneca with a record number of 14,170 bookings yesterday.

“On our biggest ever single days for booking for AstraZeneca, three out of four of those bookings was for someone under 40,” Andrews said.

Love to see it.

All adult Aussies (yep, even if those of us under 40) are currently able to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Click here to see which clinics are offering it, and talk to a doctor for more info. 

The best vaccine is the first one you can get, and that’ll be our ticket out of this mess.