PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with the Absolut Show All Your Colour Tour to spread love further with its 'Show all your Colours Tour' celebrating our LGBTIQA+ communities.

With the Absolut Show All Your Colours Tour well underway, the Pride continues down in Melbourne’s younger brother-twice-removed, Shepparton.

Jokes, Shepparton, jokes – you’re alright.

The Absolut Show All Your Colours Tour is currently making its way across rural Victoria, bringing the Pride Pub celebrations to LGBTIQA+ Australians whose hometowns are a far cry from the semi-lit lights and average weather of Melbourne.

Human rights worker Jacob has revisited their hometown to welcome the festivities and reminisce over old photos with their cute Ma – not at the same time, naturally.

Jacob admitted that growing up in Shepparton as a queer person was an incredible challenge, as they were already dealing with multiple hurdles that can often coincide with childhood.

Jacob hit their stride after finishing high school and in 2013, during a planning day for a queer conference, Jacob found the correct pronouns that accurately reflect who they were deep down.

“My friend went, ‘This is my name and my pronouns are they and them, I’m non-binary. And that was the click moment for me. I was like, ‘That’s it – that’s me.'”

We love nothing more on this earth than people finding their true identity.

Regardless of where you fall on the sexuality and gender spectrum, you simply must give the video a watch. Come for Jacob’s incredible insight, stay for the weird-ass fibreglass cows which are just, chilling around Shepparton, I suppose?

I’m not one to question art.

To stay updated with how the rest of the tour pans out, head on over here.

Image: Supplied