Attention gastronomers, foodies, and garden-variety hungry folks with an unassailable urge to visit Scandinavia: we have very, very good news for you.

Reservations for the new-and-improved Noma, the legendary Danish restaurant long lauded as a pioneer in the culinary scene, will officially open on Friday morning.

To celebrate the opening of the so-called Noma 2.0, head honcho René Redzepi and his crew will be offering diners a menu dedicated to nearby ocean goodness.

Each dish will feature at least one component sourced from the great blue yonder or its immediate surrounds, and a quick peek at Redzepi’s Instagram account hints at what diners can expect:

Sea urchin technicolor #noma2.0

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Boiled sea snails, ready to eat #noma2.0

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Have you ever seen a live razor clam?

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The window for bookings falls between  15 February and 29 April, 2018. Reservations will be available for parties of 2, 4, 6, or 8, and it’ll run you a cool $460 per person – before taking drink pairings into account.

There is an upside for students, as the restaurant has vowed to spare 10% of all bookings for anyone who can produce a valid ID card. Those seats will cost $205 a piece, and anyone keen can punch their details into a waiting list. Successful student diners will be drawn at random.

Reservations will open at Noma’s website on Thursday November 16, at 4pm local time, meaning potential Aussie diners should have their browsers open from 2am on Friday 17 November. And you should. These tables will be spoken for, pronto.

We recommend diving through Redzepi’s social media channels until that blessed hour, as there’s some delicious-looking stuff at every turn. Yum yum.

We try not to be wasteful

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Source: Esquire
Image: René Redzepi / Instagram