You know those people who freak out when they lose their mobile phone? (PS Who even has a land line these days? – not including your parents). The good news for sufferers of mobile phone separation anxiety is that the future could hold a solution to the cause of your stress. Nokia has recently patented a tattoo that vibrates when your phone gets a call. Yes, in the near future, your phone will possibly be vibrating you.

According to the patent, Nokia phones will be able to “talk” to tattoos inked using iron compounds, by sending out magnetic waves that are received as “perceivable impulses”. And, just like tattoos as we know them today, it will also be possible to customise the vibrations from person to person – so depending on the location of your tattoo, a call from your boss may literally be a pain in the arse.

The patent also suggests that it will be possible to sync your tattoo with your phone in a similar manner to Bluetooth; that way you won’t be driven mad by everyone else’s incoming messages when you’re in a public place. Not keen on anything permanent? They’re also working on stickers that use the same principal.

So what’s the downside? Having a tracking device embedded in your skin. The upside? The possible end of the Crazy Frog ring tone. Frankly, that’s all the convincing I need; ink me up.

Hate you.

Via Gizmodo