Nobody Is Impressed With Jesse Willesee’s Protest On ‘Australians On Drugs’

Old m8 Jesse Willesee is no stranger to drug-related controversy – he’s the bro who smoked a blunt in front of Town Hall at 4:20pm on April 20 (GEDDIT? GEDDIT?) – but he just outdid himself in truly terribly protest.

Tonight on the Tom Tilley-hosted live panel show ‘Australians On Drugs‘, Willesee decided to interrupt a very valid and honest discussion about Aussies and drug culture for his own bleeding 15 minutes of notoriety.

Summed up, it’s basically this:

Jesse: *stands up to protest*
Jesse: *unbuttons shirt*

Jesse: *something written on his chest* 

Camera man: lol nope 
Jesse: *walks out*

Tom Tilley: lol bye

Entire panel: lol bye


Watch the excruciating moment here:

Despite the ABC2 / triple j collab getting plenty of praise on Twitter, literally no one had any for Willesee.

Here’s his chest in all its glory:

Everyone’s got a right to protest and all, but FFS what is the point when you’re protesting something that’s already hosting the conversation you’re trying to generate?? Better luck next time m8.