It’s always a pretty devastating moment when you rock up to a social event, or work, and you’ve totally got the same outfit as someone else there (and you probably reckon they look way better in it, too). 

Imagine if that were to happen and your wee emotional crisis was caught on camera, ultimately grabbing the attention of much of the nation? Not quite ideal indeed. 
Today, Channel 9 suffered quite a gaffe when some tension between colleagues was immortalised on tape. Reporters Julie Snook and Amber Sherlock were joined by their guest, psychologist Sandy Rea, and all were wearing some semblance of a white blouse. 
Sherlock was pretty distressed by the whole thing. 
“I need Julie to put a jacket on because we’re all in white. I asked her before we came on. Julie, you need to put a jacket on,” Sherlock stressed. 
“I’m sorry. I’ve been flat out,” said Jules, while Rea stepped in and said she could get a jacket if there was any trouble.
“You’re fine Sandy, but there can’t be three of us. And I made this clear two and a half hours ago.”
Sherlock proceeded to whip out her phone to tell the Channel 9 wardrobe department to “get something” different for Snook to wear. 
“If there’s an issue I can just head out and get back to work because I’m flat chat. I genuinely forgot,” a puzzled Snook said. 
“Fine. Jump on out if that’s what you’d like to do,” Sherlock shot back. 
Poor Snook then tried to explain that she was actually wearing a blue top, but the lights distorted the colour. That only seemed to make Sherlock more peeved. 
This was all supposed to happen off-air, but cameras were rolling and Mumbrella managed to acquire the footage. The looks of discomfort on Rea’s face as this is all going down is pretty priceless.
And when the time came for the actual segment to run? Ol’ Snook was wearing a jacket that completely shielded her white top from the public. 
It’s a pretty hilarious time. NEVER FORGET, though, news anchors are people who have really shitty days, too. We’ve all been there. 
The actual footage can be found here if you want to scope it out. 
Source: News.
Photo: Channel 9.