Nine Free Apps You Totally Need in Your Life Right Now

Apps can either (a) make your life easier; (b) make you smarter; or (c) make you waste a serious amount of time and/or money trying to line up pieces of goddamn candy. In light of our upcoming PEDESTRIAN Coach session with entrepreneurial app company Buzinga – who have made their fair share of apps that cover both points (a) and (b) – we’ve put together a few apps we’re currently digging. 

They’re all available in the App Store and are 100% free (if you don’t succumb to any potential in-app purchases that is).

For those on the go – or for those that seem to have the complete inability to make things like the Live Paint function work in Illustrator – Adobe Ideas is a nifty little vector drawing app. So simple a five year old could become the next Picasso, you can create layers, use different brushes and then share in PDF format to add those final touches in Illustrator.

Sometimes, the only response to that thing your mate just told you via text is a reaction GIF. Camoji allows you to record your own reaction with your camera and send it to them in GIF format. It’s so simple it makes us wanna do this:

For the inner narcissist, JustUnfollow lists who on your following list is actually on your followers list. Can be a bit of a sick burn when you realise half your friends aren’t actually following you, but the app makes that easy to rectify.


Okay, so there are a stack of brain training apps on the market but this one was developed by brain scientists from Copenhagen University and is super cute. It contains programs to help improve your attention span and memory and lets you be the captain of your own pirate ship.

If you’re feeling a little stressed and want some piece of technology to back you up on your self-diagnosis, give Stress Check a go. It does take two minutes to do the test though, so if you’re already stressed and the thought of having to wait a whole two minutes for an app to tell you what you already know – why the hell won’t it hurry up I have so much to do! – then it probably won’t give you that accurate a reading.

those times when you really just want to wink and poke your tongue out
at the same time but couldn’t be fucked actually doing it. Instamoji
turns your fave emojis into stickers to place over your average looking

If you need a hand remembering to do things during the
day – like walking the dog or flossing your teeth – this app is here to
help. It combines all your calendars in one nicely colour-coded spot
and then allows you to slot in and make times for the things you really
need to get in the habit of doing – like flossing your teeth or calling
your mum three times a week. It even gives you progress reports to so
you can see just how well/horribly you’re sticking to your new

Is a massive disappointment for those searching for a sex app but a major plus for those wanting to know about the potentially toxic ingredients in their cosmetic and skin care products. Rating just how horrible your fave products really are for your skin and providing handy info about the ingredients, Think Dirty also provides much safer alternatives for you to look into.


Who wouldn’t want to waste hours climbing the social ladder like your gal pal Kim? You’ll spend your time ‘making appearances’, attending photo shoots and going on dates with your boyfriend who apparently is very picky when it comes to your outfit. This game is addictive and will make you question all your life choices.

If you’ve got a brilliant idea for an app and are thinking about bringing it to life but don’t know WTF you’re doing, sign up for Buzinga‘s Pedestrian Coach session on the Dos and Don’ts of App Development.