It’s a banner year for comedy nerds, folks.
Netflix has poured a staggering amount of cash into producing massive comedy specials, but the jewel in the crown for the streaming behemoth might not actually come from your Seinfeld‘s or your Rock‘s or your Chappelle‘s. Instead, the best comedy special of the year could very well be coming from two old New York shitbags with an axe to grind and an affinity for prahnks.
John Mulaney and Nick Kroll‘s magnificently batshit ‘Oh, Hello‘ show has been gestating and evolving ever since its wee beginnings as a character duo hosting a weekly comedy room in New York back in the early-2000s.
Mulaney’s George St. Geegland and Kroll’s Gil Faizon (charmed, I’m sure) have appeared on numerous TV shows, notably having a recurring run on Kroll’s ‘Kroll Show‘ sketch series on Comedy Central.
The show wound up touring the US before embarking on a 15-week off-Broadway run under the banner ‘Oh, Hello on Broadway,’ which Forbes noted was the “first new play of the season to recoup its costs.”
Kroll and Mulaney both announced today that a filmed version of the Broadway show will officially hit Netflix on June 13th.

To get slightly anecdotal for a moment, this particular die-hard Mulaney/Kroll fan managed to see the live show last year and it was so outrageously funny I nearly fell out of the top tier of the theatre. Death by lol.

Now the only question remains, who on earth is getting Too Much Tuna’d in the filmed version?

Whoever it is, they’re gonna look like a real sonofabitch with all that goddamned tuna.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Walter McBride/Getty.