Nick Jensen Goes On Hack, Defends Divorce In Protest Of Same Sex Marriage

You may have noticed some of your mates getting very angry on social media recently about an Australian couple, Nick and Sarah Jensen, who decided they will get divorced if same sex marriage is legalised.

Nick, who is a member of the Australian Christian Lobby, appeared on Triple J’s Hack, and spoke to Tom Tilley about his story in Canberra CityNews:
“We’re not doing this as a protest or a threat. It’s something we’ve been talking about for a number of years now, we’ve just celebrated our ten year anniversary. When we got married we signed a contract with the state about what marriage is, which is the relationship between husband and wife. If it was the case that the government changed the definition of marriage, that’s something that would make the contract that we signed essentially different, and not something that we felt comfortable participating in anymore.”
Jensen said that they would still recognise their marriage in the eyes of God and the church, but they would no longer be married in the eyes of the state. 
When asked why he and his wife were trying to stop other people’s happiness, Jensen said that he believed that “the best way for human society to flourish was with the institution of marriage remaining as a unique institution” and that “marriage between a man and a woman provides a value that no other relationship does or can.”
He says that he and his wife went public because there will be consequences to their own and other people’s heterosexual marriages, as well as the ability for children to be raised by their biological mother and father. 
Jensen admitted Tom Tilley (who was absolutely, straight up, taking zero bullshit) was ‘testing him now’ when he asked if at their wedding, they uttered the words ’til death do we part’, or ’til same-sex marriage do we part’. 
Listen here if you want your eyes to roll so far back in your head that you actually see brain:
via ABC