The Nice Drops Capsule Collection Is Back For Another Summer Festival Season

In shocking new reports from the Bureau of Meteorology, this summer in Australia we can expect a killer festival season — all thanks to the latest hot-as-hell collection from Nice Drops that has everything you need for getting your freshest fest fit.

For those not yet in the know, Nice Drops is a a capsule collection by the legends at BWS, that gives out various goodies like jumpers, shirts, and whatever other cheeky thing goods they feel like. This is the fourth limited edition drop.

Nice Drops sweat towel. Credit: BWS.

In the last few years the world has seen festivals ruined by rain and slammed by sun, so this Nice Drop has everything you need to keep your moves groovin’ at your musical festivals, rain hail or shine.

The latest collection is inspired by the freedom that summer provides, and is packed with the essentials to handle the elements — whilst also having the most Instagrammable, new-profile-picture worthy outfit possible.

And lucky for you and your mates, Nice Drops is giving away 250 festival kits which include some stunning goodies:

  • A rave jersey so everyone knows you’re a good sport.
  • A sweat towel, for whatever you get sweaty doing.
  • A poncho which is easily the most stylish poncho I’ve ever seen.
  • Some smexy Nice Drop socks, because you always need socks.
  • And a tote bag, to keep all your loot in!
Nice Drops rave jersey. Credit: BWS.

In order to be one of the fortunate 250 festival-fanatics, enter your details in the raffle here. Get in quick though, because the competition closes on November 30!

Nice Drops poncho. Credit: BWS.

Honestly that poncho would come in clutch in case there’s ever a sequel to 2022’s iconic/catastrophic Splendour In The Mud festival. Never forget those we lost that day (shoes, so many shoes).

As well as some of the most stylish and weather-event-aware accessories you’ll find, Nice Drops is also debuting its very own DOOF-STICK. Now we’re getting pretty bloody noice Nice Drops.

The legendary doof stick will be appearing at only the most select and special of festivals, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re out in the wild!

Plus, 10 lucky observers who manage to snap a piccy of one of these doof sticks will immediately win one. Let the Nice Drop Doof Stick hunt begin!