Newtown Residents Still Furious Over Lockout Laws, Hit The Streets Again

Sydney residents have yet again taken to the streets to express anger over the city’s controversial lockout laws.
The last Reclaim The Streets rally was held in September, and saw thousands march in what was referred to as a “moving music festival”, chanting and holding Unlock Sydney banners.
Yesterday’s march was a repeat of this event, with hundreds marching down King Street and meeting in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park as local bands and DJs played.
Chris Lego, one of the organisers behind the protest, echoed concerns that the city’s new, tough lockout laws have proved to be a kick up the arse to bands, DJs, venue owners and punters, telling Fairfax:
“If the government shuts down our dance floors, we’ll dance on the streets. We don’t believe we should be collectively punished for the brutal stupidity of one or two people. There’s been an over-policing of fun, spontaneity and creativity in Sydney. It’s not good enough.”
Earlier this month, panellists at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference announced that Sydney’s live music industry is collectively planning an organised push-back against the lockout laws.
Rather than asking for a repeal of the laws, the aim is to ask the state government to reward responsible venues who harbour non-violent punters and play by the rules, rather than punish them for the actions of a few dipshits.
Others within the Reclaim The Streets movement have argued that, rather than punishing venues and patrons via harsh lockouts, the government should instead spend money to make streets brighter and public transport more frequent and accessible.
Story: Fairfax
Photo: Jess Hallay / Pedestrian