Newspoll, The Australian‘s own opinion poll that tracks how voters are feeling about major parties and politicians, is copping a heap of online flack after publishing a rather questionable pie graph. And yes the pie graph is dumb enough to write an entire article about, because aside from being shittily designed it also appeared to make the results look less bad for Morrison.

The Newspoll graph was posted to Twitter this morning by The Australian, one of Murdoch‘s many flying monkeys.

The graph shows an increase in Anthony Albanese‘s popularity and a slight fall for Scott Morrison. However, as you can see below, the sections of the chart do not look how they’re supposed to.

That’s a mighty big chunk of pie real estate for someone with only 43 per cent.

A Murdoch publication twisting a graph because their favourite prime minister isn’t doing as well as they thought he would? No! Never! Shocking!

But really guys, come on. This is the most blatant twisting of the truth I’ve ever seen on Twitter and almost every day I see a bottom claim that they’re a top.

Some folks on Twitter have done the Lord’s work by accurately altering the pie chart to show what it should have looked like.

And thank the heavens, because maths is not my friend and I would have botched the graph even further.

No surprise, Albanese’s share of the pie should look a lot bigger than it currently does, and the ‘unsure’ section should be much smaller.

One Twitter user further pointed out that this fuck up might just be the result of The Australian‘s lazy journalism.

It looks like every month they post the same pie chart, despite the fact that the numbers have been changing. Folks, if the number falls, the slice of the pie does too. Even I know that.

And of course, some people ran straight to their computers to turn this whole Newspoll mess into a glorious meme. The speed of Twitter scares me. It takes me like seven days to think of a witty joke, and by then Twitter has moved on to the next Aussie media fuck-up.

Fuck, I kind of want a pie now. Might go and get me one. Heatherbrae’s here I come.

Image: The Australian