A Spicy New Newspoll Reckons Labor Leader Anthony Albanese Has The Next Election In The Bag

anthony albanese newspoll

A brand-spanking-new Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian reveals some spicy new information about how voters are feeling as we head towards the (eventual) next election, so let’s unpack it all shall we?

To make a long article short, Anthony Albanese, everyone’s favourite ex-hottie (#YoungAlboForever) and current leader of the Australian Labor Party, is looking like the preferred PM by a rather significant margin.

But hey, you didn’t come here to read a statement that you’ve probably seen floating around for the last few months, you came here to get the nitty-gritty details (probably).

In this brand new Newspoll, Labor is looking like the favoured party by 47%, with 37% of folks saying they think the Coalition will take the next election. Meanwhile, 16% said they had no fkn idea who would win, which I can very much relate to.

Keep in mind that this poll isn’t looking at who these folks are voting for, but rather, who they think has the best shot of winning. It’s more than common to see Labor voters expecting the worst outcome (another couple of years with Scott Morrison at the helm).

Amongst men and women, Labor is apparently the expected party to take the cake, with the Coalition seeing a majority of its support from pollers aged 65+, and the Labor party seeing overwhelming support from those aged 18-34.

Not at all surprising that Australian youth are rallying behind Labor after the shit we’ve been through these last couple of years.

Also keep in mind that in 2017, a similar poll saw Bill Shorten as the predicted winner by a large margin, and we all saw how that turned out. Polls like this are often quite incorrect in predicting what will go down, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

It’s just nice to believe, y’know.

The Australian also notes that things are looking a bit messy for the Liberal party at the moment, with seats now open after the resignation of Christian Porter and Health Minister Greg Hunt, and on top of this, Education Minister Alan Tudge is currently being stood down during investigations into abuse allegations, so not the best time for the party.

Despite all this hoopla, Morrison and Albanese are reportedly beginning their election campaigning, despite the fact that we have no idea when this election actually fkn is.

“We need to put this government behind us,” Albo said on Sunday.

“I want to help Australians do just that. I want to bring the nation together.

“At the next election, my team and I are asking Australians to choose a new direction for this country.”

Meanwhile, Morrison was putting on a good face in Bathurst. However, he was completely overshadowed by an echidna who stopped one of the races, which is pretty funny if you ask me.