News Corp Employee Goes Nuclear On Bosses Over Pissweak Bushfire Response In Leaked Emails

A News Corp employee has put her employer on blast for what she alleges are a blatant willingness to spread misinformation around the bushfires and climate change, in internal emails leaked to PEDESTRIAN.TV and other news outlets.

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The emails detail not only NewsCorp’s internal response to the on-going bushfire crisis, but the employee’s sizzling response to them; a response that the employee sent to the entire company in a reply all.

The initial email was sent to all News Corp staff by Australaisia Executive Chairman Michael Miller, brazenly praised the efforts of News Corp media staff, gallingly stating that their “dedication and professionalism means our communities remain informed and supported.”

In response, the News Corp employee, a commercial finance manager, put upper management on blast in a searing response that was sent to the entire company.

In that subsequent email, the News Corp employee went to town on her employers, stating very firmly “I find it unconscionable to continue working for this company, knowing I am contributing to the spread of climate change denial and lies. The reporting I have witnessed in The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun is not only irresponsible, but dangerous and damaging to our communities and beautiful planet that needs us more than ever now to acknowledge the destruction we have caused and start doing something about it.”

The employee also accused News Corp, who again signs their cheques, of willingly pandering to anti-climate change agendas by spreading the misinformation and obfuscating rhetoric that has been circling in the wake of the extreme bushfires. The employee’s email stated that they have been “severely impacted by the coverage of News Corp publications in relation to the fires,” in particular the “misinformation campaign that has tried to divert attention away from the real issue which is climate change to rather focus on arson (including misrepresenting facts).”

The email concludes with the claim that News Corp’s conduct throughout the crisis has made it “difficult to focus on my work and do my job.”

For what it’s worth, Miller’s initial email also details several paper-thin initiatives the global megalith is attempting to run in a bid to bolster the frankly miserly $50,000 Red Cross donation the company has contributed to bushfire relief efforts thus far. That includes, would you believe, an internal fundraising initiative aimed at staff, the details of which are nil and the entire onus of which has been placed on the staff themselves.

News Corp has been contacted for comment, but had not responded at the time of publishing.